C. Goutos SA is a technical company, based in Maroussi and has as main object the study – construction of energy projects and projects of Renewable Energy Sources (RES). The company’s activities extend to the field of automation, networks, building and industrial facilities, electromechanical installations and telecommunications.

The company consists of experienced engineers, well-trained technicians and scientific personnel, possessing extensive know-how and many years of experience in the energy field.

The general framework of services provided by the company includes:

  • Construction & installation of electrical power networks.
  • Any termination, any low & medium voltage cable joints, as well as the installation of L.V and M.V. switchgears in substations buildings and inside wind turbines.
  • Network maintenance and immediate troubleshooting.
  • Complete package of studies for energy projects and RES projects.
  • Full consulting support in the design and construction of projects
  • Complete equipment, vehicles of all types and technical personnel for the construction and maintenance of any project on any type of construction site and topography.

The high level services are always adapted to the needs and requirements of both the client and each project individually.

The company develops a wide range of services in technical energy projects providing the opportunity for full support in all phases of projects.

The services provided are adapted each time to the specific need that will be presented, while they are based on specialized know-how that has been developed in terms of the implementation of technical energy projects in our country and abroad.

In ‘C. Goutos SA ‘ has been developed and applied appropriate computational methods and techniques whose use contributes to the more efficient treatment of technological problems.

The human resources of the company own many years of experience and absolute specialization. The implementation of technical studies is based on the criteria of objectivity and is carried out strictly according to the rules of tech and science.