Our company can undertake projects:

A. ‘Turn key’ projects. ie the design, supply and construction of the whole project until the final completion and commissioning.

B. Parts of the project or only contractor’s projects based on the studies and materials that will be delivered to us by the owner of the project.

C.The construction of the projects is undertaken by the impeccably trained staff of our company under the supervision of the responsible engineers and foremen.

I. The company undertakes the construction of  LV & MV underground electrical power networks for interconnection of either wind turbines or photovoltaics inside the projects as well as external interconnection lines with the respective substation of the project or the system. The underground network can include copper or aluminum cables of various sections, up to 1000mm2, copper conductors for grounding and fiber optic cables.

For the construction of underground networks, our company has modern machinery, equipment, and special “cabled” cranes trucks for all-terrain, equipped with hydraulic winders.

In extreme cases and when it is required by the nature of the project, our company can build networks in very difficult topographies using specially designed tracked machines, suitable for the installation of cables.

II. The company undertakes the construction of overhead power networks, with pipelines from 16 to 95 mm2 ACSR, single or double circuit.

III. The company undertakes the construction of fiber optic networks, multimode or single-mode, with direct buried cables or inside HDPE pipes. After the installation of the FO network, the terminations, the measurements and network certification.

IV. Our experienced technicians are able to perform any termination, connection, or installation of MV underground cable joints, MV switchgear installation of substations, and inside the wind turbines.

V. Our company undertakes the maintenance of MV networks and restoration of failures in WFs after the energization in aerial and underground networks.

VI. Our company undertakes the construction and installation of prefabricated control houses and outdoor MV substations.

VII. Our company undertakes the design and construction of photovoltaic parks.