Special Vehicle for Electrical Measurements

The company has a fully equipped special vehicle for and cable testing. The special vehicle brings together all the latest technological innovations for fast and efficient cable inspection, localization cable fault and cable termination.

Pinpointing of  MV underground cable faults 

Surgeflex 32 is a portable system for localization of low & medium voltage cable faults. It consists of a reflectometer (Teleflex SX) and a generator (SPG 32). The system offers fast localization with Teleflex SX technology, high power injection for effective point detection, and three debugging tests which are:

  • Localization of cable fault with the reflection method – ARM Method (Arc Reflection Method).
  • Localization of cable fault with the DECAY method.
  • Localization of cable fault with the ICE (Current Pulse) method.
  • The system enables the presentation and storage of results.

The company also has the SHEATH FAULT LOCATOR MVG 5 which includes a bridge circuit and the SHEATH FAULT LOCATOR ESG 80-2 which includes a high sensitivity galvanometer. These instruments are suitable for the pinpointing metallic sheath faults


After the fault prelocalization we perform immediately the pinpointing fault. Discharging the surge wave receiver for acoustic & electromagnetic fault pinpointing fault at the spot , it causes a short & intense sound at this point. This sound can be detected with a Digiphone.

VLF, PD and tanDelta cable tests & Diagnostics

When newly installed lines are delivered, the proper cable testing is required. Our equipment allows the tests of the cables to be carried out, as they are defined by the international standards. The tests that can be performed are Continuous Voltage Control, 0.1Hz Alternating Voltage Control (Very Low Frequency (VLF)) with 50Hz square waveform and sinusoidal waveform, tand test control, partial discharge method (Partial Discharge) PD).
The TDS NT offers two voltage waveforms, VLF 0.1 Hz and Damped AC voltage which operate according to the principle of 50 Hz. Damped AC (DAC) has been shown to be the appropriate voltage waveform for the non-destructive control of partial discharges – PD. TDS NT allows live PD mapping and instant presentation of measurement results.
In addition, the company has the VLF sine wave 45kV which in addition to DC and sinusoidal VLF also offers the tanDelta test, extending the possibilities of assessing the condition of the cable

Electrical Measurements

The company has portable equipment for earth resistance measurements-CA 6470N TERCA 3-CHAUVIN ARNOUX, for recording the temperature-CA 1950 DiaCAm 2 – CHAUVIN ARNOUX and the tests of electromechanical, electronic and relays -PTE-100-C Pro ( SMC). Specifically, the PTE-100-C Pro instrument is suitable for single-phase AC and DC current relay or voltage test, MCBs test.

In addition, the company has the MPI-250 instrument, a multi-instrument control of electrical installations designed according to the HD 384 standard

Network Quality Measurements

For the recording and evaluation of the quality of the electrical networks, the company has the CA 8336 of CHAUVIN ARNOUX, an instrument suitable for recording the changes of various parameters (RMS voltage and current values, DC component, frequency, coefficient of harmonic deformation, active, inactive and apparent power, coefficient of harmonic losses, etc.) of the electrical networks over time.